Upcoming meditation classes


With International Guest Speaker, Prachar Stegemann – Feb. 14-19 2022

A week-long free meditation program for those keen to immerse themselves in the life-transforming practice of meditation, presented by international guest speaker Prachar Stegemann.  For nearly forty years, Prachar has been a student of spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), and travelled frequently to learn directly from him.    Using Sri Chinmoy’s teachings as a foundation, Prachar has created this intensive program to give seekers a deep dive into the joy and sweet fulfilment that flows from a life guided from within.

All these classes (as with ALL classes presented by the Sri Chinmoy Centres worldwide) are offered as a free community service.

Registration is required.   Each class follows on from the previous one, so for maximum benefit attend as many sessions as possible.

We are sure you will enjoy these classes very much.  Prachar’s enthusiasm and deep wisdom is quite something to behold. 🙂

VENUE: The Payneham Room

Payneham Library and Community Facility, 2 Turner Street, Felixstow

Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th, Thursday 17th, Friday 18th February – ALL 7:00-8:30pm

Saturday 19th February 10am-3pm.