Nature’s beauty – a source of peace


“If peace is not in Nature’s beauty, then where is it, where?  SRI CHINMOY

“LISTEN TO NATURE – Living in Harmony With The Earth”,  is a new book with excepts from talks and lectures given by spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy on the subject of Mother Earth.

“Nature has its own rhythm, its own harmony, its own peace and its own joy. When you are identified, consciously or unconsciously, with universal Nature, it is all vastness and immensity. There you lose your own outer existence, the existence of separateness, the feeling that you are separate from other persons. In that state of unified oneness, you become totally one with universal Nature; you become part and parcel of the vast and the Infinite. Nature is the expression of our inner life, our higher life. It is from Nature that we get all good things—beauty, tranquility, humility, simplicity and many other divine qualities. Above all, Nature is spontaneous. When we develop the mind, we become so complex; we cannot do anything spontaneously. Nature helps us to regain our spontaneity. Like this, Nature helps us in millions of ways to become good citizens of the world. That is why we must respect and adore Nature.

Meditation on the Beauty of a Flower

Feel that you have entered into a garden with many, many flowers. Choose one flower that you like and go near it. Appreciate its beauty and smell its fragrance. Then just say a few times, “How I wish I could be as pure and as beautiful as this flower.” After five minutes, try to imagine that an infinitesimal amount of beauty from that flower has entered into you. Then gradually try to feel that all the good qualities you are seeing in the flower – its beauty, its purity, its fragrance and so on – have entered into you and are inside you. Then try to feel that you do not have a body, you do not have a mind, you do not have anything. Think of yourself only as that most beautiful flower.

Nature’s beauty teaches optimism to the aspiring heart.” Sri Chinmoy

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The forward to this book is written by Sri Chinmoy’s dear friend and renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall (pictured below).

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Sri Chinmoy feels that “it is the illumination of the individual mind and spirit that will precede the awakening of a new collective awareness” and a “greater respect and love for our planet Earth.” But action is also crucial: “Every self-giving effort of every human being is needed to change the fate of this world.” In an epilogue on the power of hope, he shares his vision that, despite these dark times, in the not-too-distant future “a new light will dawn, and it will clear all the thick clouds that have gathered for years.”


The video below is PART 2 in the series.

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In this video below Sri Chinmoy students in Australia read a selection of Sri Chinmoy poem’s on Nature.